Motorized Antenna

Lahzeh Electronic produces various types and sizes of fixed and movable antennas including 90, 120, 180, 240, 360, 420, 500 & 560 made from very high quality carbon fiber having 3 axes motors to adjust.

Vehicle antennas made from carbon fiber and SMC in 90, 120 and 150 sizes in KA, KU, X and C bands with automatic search and adjustment. They operate in different environments and various VSAT and broadcast

  • 3x Motorized
  • GPS Position
  • Compass Tracking
  • DVB- Receiving lock

  • Auto fine tune
  • Rigid Waveguide system
  • Rotary Joint Auto OMT system
  • Operates on KU and KA bands

  • 90,120, 150 Antenna Diameters
  • Manual Hand cranks on AZ. and EL. axes
  • Full Functional Antenna Controller
  • Operates on KU and KA bands
  • Front panel keypad for jog on antenna Control Unit

  • Equipped with Servo-quality DC motors for smooth operation
  • Lightweight and aerodynamic design provides vehicle stability
  • Weather protection for motors and sensors to protect effects of environmental conditions
  • Redundant cables is ready to use
  • Operation temperature from -40 c to +60 c