AVIWEST’s DMNG PRO Series is the world’s most advanced 3G/4G video uplink family designed for newsgathering applications. The pocket-sized systems have been deployed worldwide by a number of international, national and local TV channels, video content operators and news agencies.


Featuring up to 6 cellular connections

(four 3G/4G internal modems with an internal high-efficiency custom antenna array and two USB interfaces for additional USB modems), a built-in Wi-Fi modem, and two best-in-class H.264 video encoders, the DMNG PRO can be used to stream live HD video down to the receiver with minimal delay, which allows broadcasters to produce seamless live interviews.

Compact, lightweight, and portable design is perfect for in-the-field use:

Weighing about 1Kg, the portable DMNG PRO140 can be easily connected to any professional camera (e.g., SD/HD SDI, analog [BNC] and HDMI) and mounted via V-Mount, Gold Mount, or PAG plates. By providing broadcasters with a video uplink system that is easy to transport, the DMNG PRO speeds up newsgathering operations.

Simple use and control enables rapid newsgathering:

The DMNG PRO is designed to automatically detect real-time network capabilities. Through a user-friendly and intuitive touch-screen interface, the DMNG PRO allows any on-the-go media professional to easily configure and operate the system as well as communicate with the studio through the IFB return channel. The units can also be controlled by the receiver (DMNG Studio), the Management System (DMNG Manager), the DMNG Remote smartphone application or any device connected to the unit though the network.


Live and Files Forward over Wireless Networks

The DMNG PRO140 has 4 internal 3G or 4G modems with high gain custom antennas, an internal Wi-Fi modem, plus 2 USB ports into which 2 additional 3G/4G USB modems can be plugged to stream a live video or forward files over bonded wireless networks.

Live and Files Forward over Satellite & Cellular Networks

The DMNG PRO140 can stream over KA band and use cellular links as back-up or complementary connection. It enables starting streaming a live over cellular connections while driving to location, before switching to KA band once the satellite dish is pointed. This bonding mode also ensures the transmission reliability when the performance of the KA band decreases, particulary in case of bad weather conditions or of drop in bandwidth due to congested network.

Live and Files Forward over Satellite

The DMNG PRO140 is compatible with the major portable satellite uplink solutions such as Inmarsat BGAN, Thuraya or KA band. It can also feed any kind of satellite modulator thanks to its MPEG-2 TS ASI output.

Live and Files Forward over LAN/WAN

The DMNG PRO140 can stream a live video over bonded IP networks to a DMNG Studio or to any kind of H.264 receiver from professional IRDs (Integrated Receiver and Decoder) to VLC player.

Live to any CDN

The DMNG system supports the needed protocols to stream a live high definition video directly to the Web or through any CDN (Content Delivery Network) or video streaming service platform.



The backpack is perfectly suited for users utilizing the DMNG PRO with a handheld camera. The DMNG PRO backpack includes multiple compartments and pockets capable of holding all the necessary video uplink equipment, a notebook or tablet, and any required cables. Two compression straps located on each side of the rear zipper allow users to attach a lightweight tripod to the backpack. Additionally, a protective rain cover keeps equipment safe in the event of poor weather conditions. The versatile backpack can be worn on the back or front.