3Play 4800

3Play 4800 is the most complete, integrated sports production solution available for broadcasters, pro leagues and teams, and large venues. No other product combines as wide a range of live sports capabilities in one turnkey system, including slow motion, instant replay, multi-angle preview, in-game highlights and social media publishing, enabling producers to engage stadium fans, online viewers and broadcast audiences with greater ease and simplicity.
3Play 4800 makes it possible for anyone to produce a gripping live experience that attracts new fans, bigger audiences, and more sponsors to any sporting event; and now offers total game production in standalone environments where a switcher isn’t available. At just a fraction of the cost of other replay systems, producers can say goodbye to over-inflated pricing, say hello to new revenue opportunities, and deliver a winning fan experience in every game.

- Achieve unprecedented productivity with integrated game-production capabilities

- Maximum facility-class configurability with 8-in, 2-out HD and SD component, composite, and SDI I/O for producing large matches

- Save up to 60% of replay equipment costs in some cases

- Achieve additional cost savings on additional production equipment, operator costs, space, and resources

- Deliver complete professional, high-quality productions with quality that rivals any other sports production system

- Keep audiences engaged with a built-in overlay and effects engine

- Add incremental pre- or post-game programming, with no incremental cost

- Produce sports your way, with the most flexible, customizable, and workflow-adaptable set-up, operation and programming potential available

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3Play 440

The same set of sports production tools as 3Play 4800 - but sized and priced for smaller programs - makes 3Play 440 a complete, integrated sports production system for mobile and regional producers who deliver small to mid-sized live sports. With more real-time capabilities than any multi-camera replay server all packed into a single turnkey solution, 3Play 440 raises the ceiling for visual quality, format flexibility, and revenue opportunities for organizations with more limited budgets - even in standalone environments where a traditional production switcher isn’t available.
3Play 440 allows regional and mobile broadcasters, colleges and conferences, and mid-size venues to experience greater creative freedom, integrate smoothly into any location, and produce stunning slow mowtion, instant replay, in-game highlights and social media sports at any speed on any screen - serving officials, fans, and sponsors alike.

- Perform virtually any sports video production task - home or away - even with a reduced crew, with extensive built-in capabilities

- Extensive workflow customization, with flexible 4-in, 2 out HD and SD component, composite, and SDI I/O for advanced operators and mobile units serving regional audiences - and beyond

- Reduce equipment footprint and save on weight, power, setup time, and cabling

- Save up to 75% compareded with many other replay systems

- Make a major impression on viewers with visuals designed for maximum audience engagement

- Produce mobile sports your ways, with the most flexible, customizable, and workflow-adaptable set-up, operation and programming potential available

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3Play 425

Local broadcasters, school teams and emerging leagues who want to make the transition from just "shooting sports" to growing audiences with full-tilt live sports production all know one thing: fans are much more than spectators. They want to be in on the action: diving catches, game-winning moves, out-of-bounds calls, and plays that can’t be seen clearly from the bleachers.
For years, the extremely high cost of live sports production tools has made it nearly impossible for smaller organizations to deliver a better viewing experience. The entry-level 3Play 425 eliminates that barrier by making professional instant replay and slow motion available to everyone who previously thought it simply out of reach.

- The most professional instant replay server available for under $10k, sized to produce local sports anywhere

- 6-channel live replay—4-in, 2-out— to feed video boards or broadcast

- Network-quality production in native HD

- Seamless mixing of live video with assets from your media library

- Compact, 2RU design fits perfectly in control rooms and production vehicles of all sizes

- Optional control surface with premium T-bar, speed presets, and jog wheel

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3Play Mini

Produce Sports Like a Pro. Anywhere.

Introducing 3Play™ Mini

Sports video producers can deliver a top-level fan experience from any location with the ultra-portable 3Play Mini. With instant replay, hi-resolution slow motion replay, transitions, high-end graphics, and more, the 3Play Mini live sports production suite is as powerful as it is portable.