Talk Show

Live Skype interviews that look great—and sound amazing.

The live interview. It’s the most compelling aspect of a newscast, entertainment show, sporting event or webcast. Great remote guests will make your shows more engaging, but only when they look and sound as good as their perspective. TalkShow VS-100 is a video calling production system designed for television studios and live event producers. Enhance every Skype video call with video and audio enhancements to deliver a great production to your audience.

Reach 300 million monthly connected Skype users. Anywhere. Anytime.

TalkShow allows you to initiate or receive calls from any video-enabled desktop, laptop, mobile device, conference room, Internet TV or game console running Skype software. You can operate all aspects of a live Skype video call in the control room like any other video source, work free of audio/visual distractions such as secondary call notifications and advertisements.

Only TalkShow gives you complete control of the entire video calling workflow—before, during, and even after the show.

TalkShow is a 1RU integrated hardware and software system that includes:

- Skype TX software

- 2 channels (1 in, 1 out) HD-SDI I/O

- Professional XLR and SDI-embedded audio

- Call management and control interface

And is the only video calling production system to add:

- Full-bandwidth call recording

- Pro audio tools, auto color and proc amp controls

- Video over IP via TriCaster™; audio over IP via Dante™

- Built-in video preview display and tally support

The TalkShow Advantage

Unlike other Skype TX systems on the market, TalkShow VS-100 offers these unique benefits:

- Fully integrated Dante™ audio support

- Full-bandwith call recording

- Manual and auto color correction controls

- One-click, talk-back communication between operator and caller

- Full-motion, high-quality input and output video previews

- Tally notification to indicate when calls are on the air

- Over-the-network integration with TriCaster and 3Play

- Comprehensive system restore

- Advanced audio configuration and more

TalkShow in your workflow. It’s a natural fit.

One of the best things about TalkShow is how easily it fits in to any broadcast studio, control room or live production environment. Producers and engineers will like:

- The simplicity of 1RU rack mount equipment integration.

- The instant familiarity with Skype software and integrated production tools for improving video/audio quality.

- The ability to offload Skype calls from existing laptops with other applications, OS, firewall, and IT software that can interfere with airing video calls.

- The ability to transmit Skype calls when its not safe to have truck masts up.

Need more information? It’s here.

Our goal with TalkShow is to make it easy for you to include guest speakers in your live broadcasts—wherever they may be, and whenever you need them. Here you’ll find additional resources at your fingertips, like detailed product documentation, how to get service and support, tips for producing the highest quality Skype calls, and more.

Introductory Pricing Available.

The TalkShow VS-100 system is available to order now at a special introductory price*, which has been extended through June 30th, 2015. Just share a few details with us and a NewTek representative will contact you.